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What Is Required

Yes, God requires a standard, and that standard is “FAITH.” It is my faith in the death and resurrection of God’s Only Begotten Son “Yeshua The Christ” that covers me even when I fall short.

It’s that same faith that helps me to lean into correction and I am reminded he chastised those that he loves. It is my faith in daily repentance because I believe he died for my sins that cover me when my choices are not pleasing to God.

It is my faith in Jesus being a light unto my feet and a lamp unto my path when I am blinded by my own tears that direct me when I am weary. It is my faith in “Yeshua The Christ” that I can be vulnerable when I am weak because his strength is made perfect.

I do not work to prove my faith but by my faith I produce works. I am saved by nothing I have done or ever could do but by grace through “FAITH” that Jesus has the ability to forgive sins.

I love him because he first loved me and because I love him I am willing to follow his commandments. No matter where they lead because in faith I believe he will never leave me nor forsake me.

Yes God requires a standard and that standard is faith In His Only Begotten Son…

“Yeshua The Christ”

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Sep 01, 2023


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