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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The Strong Creator God

Therefore my people shall know my name. Therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that forth speak, behold it is I.

Isaiah 52:6

God said I am going to reveal my name to my people, the strong creator God Elohim and they will come to know it's power. In the beginning God said and things just existed. He didn't have to touch anything. His words were enough, as with Jesus he didn't have to touch the woman with an issue of blood she just had to touch the hem of his garment. There was no beginning until he spoke. Before a beginning there was God. His 1st impression of his self was I Am Creator.

Shoes have shoe makers, designs have designers and creation has a creator. Elohim the stronger creator. I can understand Gods frustration when his people doubted him. Doubted he would make a way out of the wilderness. When he is the creator of.

Today We doubt in his son. Jesus the Christ who was sent to reconcile us to the great creator Elohim. We doubt he understands us yet he was touched with every infirmity as we are. Doubt in his healing power but by his stripes we are healed. Mind, body and soul. We doubt he cares when he died that we may have eternal life.

Whatever you are dealing with today through Christ bring it to the throne of grace who better to deal with the problems of life than the one who created it. Elohim the strong creator created a way for us back to himself, and that way is only through his son. Accept ur gift today. Jesus the Christ.

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