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So many experience the hardships, traumas, and devastations of life while wondering, "Why me?"  Why did I have to be raped, abused, abandoned, rejected, divorced, or battle addiction? If God is real, why didn't He protect me from the fiery darts of the enemy?

"He Knew I Didn't" is a testament to the glory of God and how He will use your pitfall experiences to get the glory out of your life. Author April Hancock strategically peels back the layers of her life to expose every trick of the enemy to destroy her life, but in the end God wins. 

As you turn the pages of this masterpiece, you will fully receive the answers to why you had to suffer hardship and trauma in your own life. You will find assurance in knowing that God Knew what He needed from and for you before the foundation of the earth and nothing you have been through will be wasted. For we are His glory carriers!

The author is a true disciple of the gospel get your copy today a living testament of Jesus Christ and the power of his might by donating as it has been impressed upon your heart to give.

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