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We All Have A Cross To Bear

To follow: Go or come after, move, travel behind, strive after. Go in the same path, direction as another. Trace the movement or direction. Follow to conform to, act according to the lead or example of someone.

Matthew 16:24-26

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. To follow means I am goin to experience whatever the person I follow experiences. I’m tracing their steps. So if I’m following Christ I can expect to suffer as Christ suffered.

1Peter 4:1

For as much then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh arm yourselves likewise with the same mind. He experienced hate, love, betrayal, loss, mistreatment, lied on and mocked. Christ was crucified killed, murdered in the flesh. We also must die to the flesh. This is what following Christ consist of.

Loving inspite of, praying through the rough patches, continuing in the faith, trusting God, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, speaking the word of God to a dying world but it doesn’t stop there.

As you follow, as you carry your cross, as you die to yourself. You will also rise with him, we will rein with him, we are seated in heavenly places with him. But we have to first follow him, strive after him, conform to him, follow is lead, his example, we must die to ourselves.

We all have a cross to bear.

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